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If you have any problems in the product purchase, use and maintenance, etc., you can call the national unified service hotline 0576-88018988 contact us.
You will be fully satisfied with the answer and considerate service.


One year limited warranty

The company to ensure that products manufactured in line with relevant safety standards and technical requirements, and to ensure that the products in normal use and maintenance can reveal all the functions, the company will card users to provide one year free warranty service (not including the consumption goods).
1 within one year since the purchase, the company's maintenance personnel are recognized as a result of manufacturing processes, materials and failure of the occurrence of damage, can be free warranty.
2 have one of the following reasons can not enjoy free warranty service provision of the company within the warranty period:
Product damage caused by improper use of the method.
Installation errors caused by product damage.
Customer modification caused by the product damage.
Natural disasters and man-made damage.
In 3 the company fulfills a valid ticket and corresponding products customer service service product warranty card.